If you're the best in your field, we want to hear from you!

We're only accepting 10 new trainers in 2021, for either technical or business management topics.

Why you should teach with The Institute:

  • Share your expertise with automotive businesses around the country.

  • Earn residual income based on our dynamic payment structure.

  • We take care of all the production work.

  • You never lose ownership of your content.

  • We only accept the best; quality education is important to us!

Want more information on the process?

Here's how it works for accepted trainers:

1) You'll work with The Institute to select/create a course within your field for the coming year. 

2) Per the production schedule, you'll submit your course's content and resources. 

3) Our team will handle the majority of production, working with you to film and curate your content. 

4) You'll view the completed course with our team for final review. 

5) After final approval, the course will be posted and you'll be given anything needed to promote. 

6) The course will be promoted and shared on The Institute's platforms - including our social media, email, website, and GEAR channels. 

7) You'll be paid each month based on purchases, completions, subscription views, and more (a breakdown of our unique payment structure will be given to potential trainers).