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Advisor Mastery Program Policy

Please read carefully before continuing your journey.

The Institute's Advisor Mastery Program was built to ensure Advisor success. In order to accomplish this there are various ways we provide aid to our students. That means sharing valuable resources, information, and data with the Advisor Community. Submitting the sign up form below means you accept and understand the terms and conditions listed on this page.

Advisor Mastery Program Terms & Conditions

  • The Institute has the right to record video and audio from all calls, meetings, and interactions between Institute Staff and the enrolled students. These recordings will be used for quality assurance and as resources to aid in the education of students enrolled in the Advisor Mastery Program.

  • Enrolled students (owners, supervisors, and advisors) understand that Program Coaches will be "Secret Shopping" Advisors, and using those recordings to aid in the education of enrolled students.

  • All Recorded media is used solely for the purpose of improving the Advisor Mastery Program's Services, Resources, and Education.

  • Student contributions via community posts, assignments, or other submissions of materials are to be used to improve the Advisor Mastery Program's Services, Resources, and Education. 

  • The Advisor Mastery Program will make use of student contributions for the betterment of the Advisor Mastery Community through various forms, (including but not limited to: The Advisor Mastery Community, the Advisor Mastery Resource Library, etc.)

  • The Advisor Mastery Program will record student performance data through survey's, tests, forms, or any other means. Personal information will remain confidential, but will be displayed only within the program. Performance data however, may be displayed publicly for use in competitions, statistical analysis, or for research purposes keeping individuals and employers anonymous.

  • The Institute may also use performance data to improve other Institute Programs and provide beneficial resources for the Automotive Industry.

  • Students that enroll into the program agree to follow-through on program requirements. Such as, but not limited to, completing required assignments, attending coach meetings prepared and on-time, submitting performance data consistently and when requested, etc.)

  • This program has no contract and no long-term commitment. If, for any reason, Students must unenroll from the program, all you need to do is give us 30-day written notice of the un-enrollment which can be done through your GEAR account. At which time billing will be ended for that individual. However, students must complete the main curriculum to earn certification.

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