A trained service advisor sells more.

But where should your service advisor get that training? Is there a program that stands out from the rest?

Introducing the Advisor Mastery program from The Institute

What is Advisor Mastery?

Advisor Mastery is the comprehensive online training that your advisor is missing. The monthly curriculum is broken down into key topics, ranging from sales techniques to personality skills. 

Each lesson includes filmed videos, in-depth assignments, and a resource library with downloadable content. But it's not just about watching a training and filling out a quiz or two. 

Advisor Mastery is sales training and coaching combined. Advisors will turn in key performance data for our coaches to track over 30 different metrics. They'll receive on-on-one coaching calls and support from other advisors within the community, plus live trainings from the different coaches and instructors involved. 

Why Choose Advisor Mastery for Your Service Advisor Training?

The Advisor Mastery program is the industry-leading choice for sales training. Here are five key reasons why:

  • The program is entirely online and updated regularly to stay ahead of industry trends and standards.

  • Our alumni advisors consistently hit higher AROs - most seeing increases within the first month of training!

  • Advisor Mastery boosts confidence in advisors, providing them with management skills to boost their performance too.

  • It's not only ARO that grows - our alumni see higher margins across the board. More sales, better reviews, more opportunity, etc.

  • The program involves advisors AND owners, giving them the guide to become a more profitable shop.


Take a tour of the program today!

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Still not sure?

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