Course curriculum

    1. Let's Get Started

    1. An Overview of Your Profit & Loss Statement

    2. Quiz 1

    3. Laying Out Your P&L

    4. Quiz 2

    5. The Indicator for Your Shops Success

    6. Quiz 3

    7. Costs of Doing Business

    8. Quiz 4

    9. The "Other" Numbers

    10. Quiz 5

    1. The Bottom Line

About this course

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  • Know Where You're Going

    Understanding where your business is, and where it's going financially, is crucial to your success. In this course we'll show you exactly what to look for and how to use it, so there's no bumps down the road.

  • Know What to Look For

    We'll detail the key things you should pay attention to when it comes to your companies finances so that you know exactly what to put your attention towards.

  • Know Your Numbers

    If you struggle with not knowing how you business is performing financially, or you'd like to improve that performance, this course is a great base to take control of your finances.

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Start Managing Your Financials Like a Pro

This course is exactly what you need to gain an understanding of your companies financials, and improve your profits.