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    1. Welcome to Responding to Reviews

    1. Why Responding is So Important!

    2. Improve and Show-Off Relationships

    3. Good, Better, and Definitely Best!

    4. Try It Out for Yourself - Respond to a Positive Review

    5. It Happens to the Best of Us...

    6. Try It Out for Yourself - Respond to a Negative Review

    1. 3 Big Takeaways

    2. Congrats! Here's what's next...

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Show Customers You're Actually Listening!

Making a point to respond to customer reviews is more important than you think! Especially how you go about doing it. Customer reviews are one of the first things prospective customers look at before they choose to give you their business. We'll show you the best ways to respond, give you a checklist to follow, and get you responding like a pro!

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Improve On Every Front

  • Generate Buzz

    Good reviews are one thing, but when a business makes it clear they care about their customers, people talk. We'll give you a simple format to follow when writing back to your customers so they talk about you!

  • Get Found

    Believe it or not, but Google is looking at your reviews! We'll show you how to respond the right way, so you can take advantage of the algorithm and boost your SEO. Get found by more

  • Better Relationships

    Learn how to build relationships that last and provide you with stronger connections, invested customers, and more fulfilling business.

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Leave the Frustration with Reviews Behind

Take this course, get a simple guide to follow, and grow relationships that last.