What You'll Learn

    1. Welcome to Getting Better Reviews

    1. The Customer Journey

    2. The Data Behind Reviews

    3. What It Takes

    4. Conversion Factors

    5. Types of Reviews

    6. 3 Big Take-Aways for Free Marketing

    7. Your Take Away

    1. Reviews in Summary

    2. Congrats! Here's what's next...

About this course

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Let Them Share How Great You Are!

It can be frustrating hearing how satisfied your customers are with your service, yet no one else seems to know! We'll show you the most important metrics to watch, what they mean to you, and how to use that information to drive and convert more customers to your business. Strong customer relationships are just one free course away!

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Improve On Every Front

  • Understand Why

    We'll show you why reviews matter, and how you can develop better reviews online, that drive the right customers into your business.

  • Get Found

    Great reviews are necessary to be found and chosen online. When visitors look to your business for the best automotive service they can find, we'll show you how to have the reviews to prove it.

  • Better Relationships

    Learn how to build relationships that last and provide you with stronger connections, invested customers, and more fulfilling business.

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Start Developing Reviews That Make a Difference

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