Don't Lose Another Customer

We've seen dozens of advisors push potential clients away with how they handle the call. Don't lose another customer. We'll show you how to build a relationship, establish value, and get that customer into your shop!

Work Better Together

  • Develop a Relationship

    We'll show you how to quickly and easily establish a lasting relationship with whoever is on the other end of the call.

  • Establish Value

    With such a short time, it can be difficult to establish your value with a customer over the phone. Butt don't fret! We have proven strategies to do this simply and effectively.

  • Get Them Into Your Business

    The Advisors main job on the phone is to drive customers to come into your business. You very-well can't work on a car if it's not there! The techniques we show you will drive customers to make the appointment. Period.

One-time purchase of this course includes access to the live session and its contents for 60 days. Those who purchase the GEAR monthly membership will have unlimited access to the course, so long as their account is active.

Get Customers to Make the Appointment

Take this course, improve your command of the call, and get more work into your shop.