"I'm sorry, I dropped the ball"

You work incredibly hard to provide a quality service. Don't let a lack of accountability in yourself, or your team, rob you of success you've earned. Your customers deserve better, you deserve better.
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Feel Confident in Yourself and Your Business

  • Structured and Focused

    Learn how to organize your efforts and focus them into the goals you really want to hit. No more distractions or miscommunication

  • Truly Supported

    Feel what it's like to have a team dedicated to supporting one another, driven towards the bigger picture.

  • Accomplish More

    With a culture of accountability, you'll see less obstacles and more progress, providing growth and fulfillment for your employees, your business, and yourself.

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Accountable Indeed

Kevin Eckler

This is the first class that I have taken that has been taught by Kent and I am very impressed. Having participated in numerous classes throughout the years,...

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This is the first class that I have taken that has been taught by Kent and I am very impressed. Having participated in numerous classes throughout the years, I have become very accustomed to sitting through classes and following in a workbook, but honestly, many of them blend together. Long sessions with little to no time for reflection make them hard to embed into my mind, especially considering how many things that I mentally have to handle as the owner of a busy shop. Kent changed all of that. From the introduction of both the class and himself, he immediately became relatable, sharing personal things about himself and inviting me to do the same. His illustrations and analogies were humorous and engaging and made me interested in what he was saying. It quickly became very clear to me that although fun in nature, there was a very serious amount of research, discipline, and preparation that had taken place on Kent's behalf to make this course as beneficial to me as possible. Breaking the course into a series of smaller lessons that build on each other, each with their own exercises built in to help reinforce the knowledge that I had just gained. There were years worth of very hard lessons learned behind what was shared, carefully crafted together in a way to help guide me away from the pitfalls that others have experienced, and lessons for hope and better choices moving forward for myself and my team. His teaching style, humor, and blending several shorter but complete lessons together makes me an instant fan. Hopefully others follow the path that he has forged because I can see this benefitting many people. Thank you Kent for a job well done ! Respectfully, Kevin Eckler

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Learn to Count on Your Team Again

Develop your accountability, and follow-through on the goals and milestones you've set for yourself and your business.

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