What's in the course.

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    Where We Begin

    • An Introduction // Less Stress, More Profit

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    5 Steps to Improving Profit

    • Step 1 // The Easiest Place to Start

    • Step 1 Quiz

    • Step 2 // Saving Yourself from the "Emotional" Discount

    • Step 2 Quiz

    • Step 3 // Due Diligence

    • Step 3 Quiz

    • Step 4 // Making Up the Difference

    • Step 4 Quiz

    • Step 5 // Upgrade Your Workflow

    • Step 5 Quiz

  • 3

    In an Average Shop...

    • You Can Be Remarkable // Putting All 5 Steps to Use

You Deserve a Profitable Business

This course will guide you through taking 5 simple steps to drastically change your situation. Giving you more profit, happier customers, and most importantly - less stress.
  • Less Stress

    Owning a shop is stressful enough - even more so when that shop isn't netting much of a profit. We can show you 5 simple ways to completely change your financial situation.

  • More Profit

    A profitable business opens up a lot of opportunities to improve your service, take care of your employees, and give back to your community.

  • Happier Customers

    Profitable businesses can provide a higher quality of service and experience for their customers meaning - happier clientele!

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